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Presenting to Town Council

How Do I Get an Item in Front of Council?

Council provides opportunities for the public to bring forth items of information and concern as delegations at Council meetings. In order to become a delegation, you must provide a submission form to the Town Office prior to the deadline noted below. Once Town staff have your submission request, someone will be in contact with you on next steps and placing you on the agenda.

Submission forms must be returned via the online form or in writing via email or mail.

Town of Shellbrook
PO Box 40, 71 Main Street
Shellbrook, SK S0J 2E0

Submissions for Council

The deadline for submission is not less than seven working days prior to the Town Council meeting you wish to attend. Submissions that are received after the deadline will be considered for the next available Council meeting.

Your submission form should clearly state the issue or information to be addressed in your presentation, along with any solutions or options you are proposing for Council's consideration. If there is a monetary or budget implication to your request, please include that in your submission as well. Please include any materials that you want Council to consider as part of your presentation as well.

Types of Issues Considered by Council

Items brought to Town Council meetings vary. Council will consider a number of issues brought forward by the public, including (but not limited to):

  • Presentations of information
  • Funding requests 
  • Items of community concern
  • Presentations from outside agencies on programming, projects, proposals, etc.

Please note: sometimes, items brought forward by the public may be something Town Administration can address without needing a delegation for Council. If this is the case, our Administrative Staff will be in contact with you upon receiving your submission form so we can address the query.

Placement on the Agenda

Once your delegation has been approved for inclusion as an agenda item your information will be placed in the agenda for the meeting you are scheduled to attend.

Delegations at Council meetings always begin at 4:00 PM, unless otherwise decided by Council. You will be notified of your placement on the agenda prior to the meeting.

Our staff will be in contact with you every step of the way so you are prepared for your presentation to Council. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.