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Community Hall

Shellbrook Community Hall

Sound System: There are two microphones with 20 foot cords and stands available.  There are input boxes on either side of the stage for the microphone cords as well as RCA plugs for the other audio inputs.  The volume control is at the input box.  The amp may need to be plugged in on the east side of the stage to power it up.

Heating & Air Conditioning System: Two thermostats are located in the main hall.  One at the north end and one at the south end.  There are slide switches for the ceiling fans along with the light switches just inside the main doors.  For heating the thermostats must both be set equally and the ceiling fans remain on.   Please return the settings to 15°C when rental is over.  For air conditioning set thermostats to the desired temperature and make sure the fans are off.  Please turn off the A/C at the end of your rental.

There is a separate thermostat for the kitchen and bathroom area located inside the meeting room west of the kitchen.

Kitchen Use: Please leave the kitchen in a state the facility was turned over to you in, clean and tidy. The large cooler has an on/off switch located on the top at the front.  Avoid plugging in more than one coffee pot per breaker or you will blow the breaker.   There are lots of breakers.  There are also 2 designated plug-ins for coffee urns in the main hall on the west side near the bar (it is signed).  These are separate breakers so you may run two urns without problem.

Decorations:  Confetti sparkles and helium balloons are not allowed.  The use of staples, duct tape, stickers and packaging tape on the walls wood work, floor or tables is not allowed.  We also do not allow renters to hang decorations from the acoustic beams on the ceiling or the ceiling itself. 

Tables & Chairs:                                                                               Dinner Service:

40-60” Grey Round Plastic Tables                                              Plates, Bowls, Cutlery for 400

400-Stacking Chairs                                                                     Steam Table

26-8’Heavy Plastic Rectangular Tables                                     Salad Table


Hall Capacity:  

Main Hall                                            Meeting Room

Maximum 425                                   Maximum 50


Bar Service: Renters are responsible for their own bartending services and supplies (pop, beverage glasses, ice, etc…).  Renters must obtain and enforce any necessary liquor permits.

Camping: Camping in the hall parking lot or along the roadway is not permitted. Shellbrook has a campground available for guests to book on the Town of Shellbrook website. Shellbrook Kinsmen Campground Reservation      

Clean up required:

  • Leave dirty tea towels in the laundry baskets in the kitchen.
  • All garbage must be placed in the garbage dumpster behind the hall on the south side. 
  • Mop or wipe any sticky or larger spills on the floors and kitchen counters.
  • Wipe and put away tables.
  • Stack chairs along the sides. Wipe if needed.
  • Wipe any spills in the fridges. 
  • Remember to take all of your decorations and bar supplies.

Damage Deposit: All rentals are required to pay a damage deposit. The damage deposit fee is equivalent to the rental rate for the type of booking needed and is due at the time of booking along with the rental rate. This amount will be reissued, once the facility has been checked for damages and cleanliness 2-4 business days after the rental. If payment was received via credit card the damage deposit will be refunded to the card. Payment made in any other form, a cheque will be issued and mailed.

Shellbrook Community Hall Rental Rates

  • One Day Rental Rate:  Maximum of 12 hours- $450.00 + GST
  • Half Day Rental Rate: 4 hours or less- $225.00 + GST
  • Weekend Package Rental Rate:  Friday 2pm to Sunday noon- $650.00 + GST
  • One Day Meeting Room Or Kitchen Rental Rate: Maximum of 12 hours- $200.00 + GST
  • Half Day Meeting Room Or Kitchen Rental Rate: 4 hours or less- $100.00 + GST

For more rental information, or to book the Shellbrook Community Hall, contact the Kinettes Club of Shellbrook @