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Shellbrook is situated in the very heart of Saskatchewan’s parkland, and just half an hour south of Prince Albert National Park. Located at the crossroads of Highway 55 and Highway 3, Shellbrook is within commuting distance of two major Saskatchewan cities: 30 minutes to Prince Albert and 90 minutes to Saskatoon.

At an altitude of 482 metres above sea level, Shellbrook’s climate is temperate, with long sunny days and cool peaceful nights in Summer (average mean temperature is 17.4°C in July) and crisp sunny days in Winter with little or no wind (average mean temperature is -21.5°C in January). In fact, the number of annual hours of sunshine in Shellbrook is among the highest in Canada.

The Town of Shellbrook is named after the Shell Brook, which flows just North of the Town. Shellbrook history dates back to 1882, when settlers began to arrive and settle into two areas that eventually became known as the Parkview District (a Northeast area along the Shell River), and Pleasantville (two miles West of Shellbrook).

A trading center was established on the corner of two homesteads – the Wursters and the Lakes. The Wursters opened a General Store and Post Office in 1905. Shellbrook was incorporated as a Village in 1909. The first train arrived on January 19, 1910. In 1948, Shellbrook’s status changed from Village to Town.

According to Census Canada 2011, Shellbrook’s population was 1,433, but with new housing and business starts every year, this number has grown steadily. Age groups in the area are evenly spread out, creating a demographic that represents a wide range of ages, from young to old. As a result, businesses can benefit commercially from the opportunity to target their products and services to a wide market.

The average income of residents over the age of 15 in Shellbrook is $24,612. This represents 610 people, or 47.8% of the Town’s population. When you compare this with provincial and national average incomes of people over 15 ($25,691 for Saskatchewan and $31,757 for Canada), Shellbrook’s average income figure is highly competitive, especially when you consider that every dollar buys more than it would in an urban setting.

The Town and area surrounding Shellbrook offer a vast pool from which to draw labour resources. Unemployment rates for men and women aged 15 and over are lower in Shellbrook (4.7%) than in Saskatchewan (6.3%) or all of Canada (7.4%).

Shellbrook is a primarily Anglophone community in which 90% of residents speak English. Most of the remaining 10% speak both official languages.