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Little Free Libraries

The Shellbrook Little Free Libraries were made possible by:

  • The Kinettes Club of Shellbrook 
  • Libraries all built by students of W.P. Sandin 
  • Materials for building posts & cement donated by Lakeland Coop (Shellbrook) 
  • Post auger for installation provided by Jason Rinas
  • Books donated by Kinettes & W.P. Sandin library 
  • Installed by Kat Smith, Amber Larson, Melissa & Brody Moe, Kelly Herndier & Samantha Borix 

For more details about LFL’s:

To find on the map, use the mobile app:

Shellbrook's Little Free Libraries:


Location: 23 Main Street 

The Little Scotiabook Library was built by Daniel Vidal and Layla Dorko.

(2022 W.P. Sandin High School)

The design was inspired by the Town of Shellbrook. The builders wanted to build something that would suit the town, like a business that many of the residents use. We came up with creating a miniature Scotiabank and named it “Scotiabook”.

The process of building this Little Library was a bit tough in some cases. The paint would change colors and look different in places, any liquid would make the paint bleed even if it’s been dry for a week straight, and also getting it to look fairly close to the actual building.

The builders had fun building this project, and are hoping that this little library is used for years to come. “Scotiabook” is our version of Scotiabank.

Installed & operating July 13, 2022


Location: 48 Main Street

The Little Phone Booth Library was built by Zachary Tremain-Price and Brett Bucknell. 

(2022 W.P. Sandin High School)

The design was inspired by Phone Booths from “back in the day” in the city of Saskatoon.

The Little Phone Booth Library is made from repurposed wood. More than 10 hours of sanding was required to perfect its exterior. White, black & blue tempera paint was used to create a menacing look. It is covered with clear sealant to prolong the paint life. 

Completed the build on May 5th, 2022.

Installed & operating July 13, 2022

Snoopy's Dog House

Location: Centennial Leisure Park 

The Little Snoopy’s Doghouse Library was built by Lance Paton and Ben Lafond. 

(2022 W. P. Sandin High School)

The design was inspired by Snoopy the Dog and his iconic home, featured in the Peanuts comics created by Charles M. Schulz. It was built using recycled wood from former shop tables in our school. We cut the wood into shapes to make a small doghouse, glued and nailed them together, and added paint to recreate the infamous design of Snoopy’s doghouse. We sealed the wood using polyurethane, and added hinges/clamps to make a functional door. We also cut Snoopy out of plywood and attached him to the top of the house, as if he were sleeping there. 

The builders had a splendid time designing and creating this project, and we were guided by thwir absolute rockstar of a teacher, Mr. Pilon. They hope children will use and enjoy the fruits of our labor for many generations to come!

Installed and operating July 13, 2022

Grain Elevator

Location: Shellbrook Scout Building / Campground 

The Little Grain Elevator Library was built by Dawson Stieb and Holden Willoughby. 

(2022 W.P. Sandin High School)

The Little Grain Elevator Library is a scale replica of a Pool grain elevator. It was built to honour the work of those who built these structures that were once a staple of Saskatchewan, as well as the generations of farmers that hauled them. Both builders come from farming backgrounds. 

Grain elevators are a disappearing landmark of the Saskatchewan skyline and the buiders both find it important to preserve the memory of past farming practices. The builders drew inspiration from an elevator that stood in Shellbrook that was demolished years ago. 

This library was constructed using reclaimed wood, and built in 3 separate pieces before becoming what you see today. The colour was custom mixed to match the paint used for many elevators at the time, and decals were designed to match the pool logo.

Installed & operating July 13, 2022.