Arts Council
The Arts Council have been instrumental in the promotion of visual and performing arts in the area. They have two fundraisers to help support their causes. One is the Craft Sale which runs in November at the Shellbrook Community Hall from 10am – 4pm. They also are a part of the Christmas Carol Festival which runs the first Sunday in December each year at the Shellbrook Theater. For more information, contact Sylvia Jones at (306)747-2594.

Shellbrook Skating Club
The Shellbrook Skating Club starts after November 1st and consist of Can-Skate for age 3 +. They also have certified instructors who work with those who are involved with Figure Skating and those who follow through the process of all the levels and testing. For more information, contact Tasha Cyr at (306)747-7331 or Amber Larsen at (306)747-8043.

Minor Sports — Softball
Shellbrook has a strong Minor Softball system which runs from May to June. For more information on our Minor Sports Organization, contact Sheldon Moe at

Shellbrook is a Hockey Town, and we have a great Minor Hockey System for all ages. We also have Rec. Hockey for the player who likes to play for fun, while our own Senior Elks Team plays in the Fort Carlton Hockey League, and Senior Silvertips. For more information about any of these teams please contact Shellbrook Rec Director at

Seniors Citizens Club
The seniors hall is located at 101 Railway Avenue. This recently renovated hall is active with meetings, which take place every 2nd Wednesday at 2pm. Monday afternoons – card games of choice at 2pm. Kaiser every Thursday at 7:30pm. Old time dancing from Oct – April, Fridays at 2pm. Exercise sessions from Nov – April, Thursdays at 9:30am. The hall also hosts live bands. Renovations include installation of acoustic panels in the main hall, and LED lighting. The seniors hall is also available for rental and can hold up to 100 people. For more information about the club or renting the seniors hall, please contact Adeline Fossey at (306)747-4704.

Boys Scouts/Girl Guides
Will not be running this year due to lack of help and leaders for all the age groups which are required.

Fish and Game
If hunting and fishing is appealing to you, you might want to get involved with the Shellbrook Fish and Game Club. This is an active organization that helps restock the area’s lakes and works alongside Ducks Unlimited. (306)747-3337

Kinette Club of Shellbrook
Shellbrook Kinettes is a great group of ladies doing outstanding things in our great community. We help with a variety of events each year, and volunteer within our community. Some of their fundraisers include our Cookie Walk, babysitters course, and Christmas basket. Kin Mission Statement: – Committed to changing lives and making Canadian communities a better place to live. We meet every third Wednesday to discuss upcoming events/projects, plan new and ongoing events, and to enjoy a fun night out with a great group. If you are interested in finding out more email, or call (306)747-3426.

Kinsmen Club of Shellbrook
The Kinsmen have been involved in many town projects over the years. They are dedicated, hardworking and always willing to lend a hand. In recent years they have been involved in the new pool Office/shower house building, playground equipment at Kinsmen Park, and the maintenance and renovation of the Legion Hall. The Legion Hall is only available to be available, for rent, by the public because of the Kinsmen Club. Inquiries to rent this hall can be made at Woodland Pharmacy.
The Kinsmen, with the Kinettes, participate in an annual apple drive to raise funds for community projects as well as fundraising for the annual Saskatchewan Tele miracle.

The Kinsmen, with the Kinettes, participate in an annual apple drive to raise funds for community projects as well as fundraising for the annual Saskatchewan Telemiracle.

Royal Purple
The Royal Purple meets every second Thursday at 8 Pm at the Shellbrook Community Hall except for the months of July and August. The Royal Purple is involved heavily with charitable work and donates to the New Hospital Fund and many other charitable causes. On a national level they are involved with the Elks and Royal Purple Funds for Children. The Royal Purple is always looking for new members. Individuals can start as a junior member which required them to16 and with the rest of the members of the Royal Purple then being 18 years of age. For more information contact Leola Skrupski at (306)747-5621 or Sheila Smith at (306)747-7363.

Royal Canadian Legion
The Royal Canadian Legion meets every 4th Tuesday at 7 pm at the Legion Hall. The Legion was founded in 1925 to meet the needs of all who served in the armed forces and their dependants; the Legion has grown over the years to become Canada’s largest service organization providing support to veterans and communities across the country. One of the primary objectives of the Legion is to encourage, promote, support and participate in all forms of municipal, community and national service. The Legion is always looking for new members to join with November 11th being their very active day as they remember the veterans by being involved in ceremonies within the community along with the Shellbrook and Wild Rose Schools. For more information call Mike Sharron (306)747-7754.

Lake Country Target Shooting Club
Indoor Target range
Located at 99a – 2nd Street SW, the Lake Country Target Shooting Club is one of the top indoor public rural target ranges for combined indoor firearms and archery shooting. Radiant heated 6 lane range with high ranked rubber crumb bullet stopping and HD steel bullet traps. The range is federally certified for all handgun cartridges and .22 rimfire. It is only a couple of blocks to the downtown Shellbrook restaurants and amenities and the RV park facility. The Target Club welcomes shooters of all ages and abilities to experience the range. Family, group and business functions are available by contacting us on the website listed below. The Club offers public participation events in the Shooting sports multiple times a year (see the webite). The Shellbrook Golf Club is open to member access from November to April on most week night as well as Saturday and Sunday.
Visit for membership and event info.

Outdoor Target range and family forest outing area
The 200 m outdoor target range is located in the forest north west of Shellbrook and is open to members all year round as snow plowing permits.
The range is certified for non-restricted, restricted firearms and most prohibited handguns. All handguns calibres can be shot on the range, as well as skeet shotgun and rifles up to and including .338 lapua. The range has 6 roofed shooting handgun/rifle stations with adjustable benches and rifle rests. It also sports a Shotgun pad and an archery range. Families enjoy the outdoor range with its cook shelter and fire pit for wiener roasts and outings.The Lake Country Wildlife Federation works in close relationship with the Target shooting club for recreational target shooting activities, but the Wildlife Federation also works hard on outdoor wildlife and nature projects to enhance the outdoors and recreational opportunities and experiences for youth, adults, and elderly folks.
Visit for membership and event info.

Legion Ladies Aux
The Legion Ladies Aux. meets every 4th Tuesday at 7 pm at the Legion Hall along with the Royal Canadian Legion. The Legion Ladies take part in many fundraising events such as Soup and Sandwiches and the taking part in events such as birthday parties at the Parkland Terrace. The Legion Ladies Aux. members are very active and take part in Curling and Golf events with other Auxiliaries and Legion Members. November 11th is also a very busy day for the Legion Ladies along with the Royal Canadian Legion as they are part of many ceremonies to Remember our veterans. For more information about the Auxiliary and becoming a member, call Pat Gunn at (306)747-2483.

Parkland Artisan Tour
The Mandate of the Parkland Artisan Tour is to celebrate and promote the Arts through giving interested parties an opportunity to interact with Artists while the Artist is demonstrating an art form. Opportunities are afforded for those interested to inquire about Skill Acquisitions. An added benefit is the opportunity to share and enjoy the scenic Parklands in and around Shellbrook, Saskatchewan.


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